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Program Management

ganttsm.jpg Examples of tools developed for computer product development program management.

  • Product Development Lifecycle Process Management.
  • Integrated Circuit development materials management.
  • Program / Organizational budget development.
  • Program / Organization expense tracking.
  • Project logistical simulations and tools.

Programming Projects

programming.jpgProgramming examples and references used in developing tools for Program Management.

  • References to publications on programming topics for Excel, VBA, .NET, and databases.
  • References to articles on specific topics needed for the Program Management tools above.

Energy Economics

electricity.jpgEnergy is fundamental to our society. Politics, economies, technologies are changing in real time right now. Important questions:

  • Green jobs: where and when will they emerge? In particular, for Silicon Valley professionals?
  • What kind of companies will ride fundamentals to success? Which will wither? What is being funded right now? What kind of personal investments should we make?
  • What are the fundamentals that drive the Energy Complex? How are they quantified? What is the architecture for energy development?


Richard M. Bixler
Contact: rmbpublic@comcast.net